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Youth Power Hour is an annual event addressing pressing issues around anxiety-based mental health issues facing our kids and adolescents, all in support of Lionheart Foundation.

Our Story

Adolescent mental health is an increasing and urgent health issue in our community and, all the more recently in the time of COVID. Public health options to meet those needs are inadequate. The Friends of Youth Power Hour are a group dedicated to supporting charitable initiatives that are filling the gaps for adolescent mental health, ensuring those in need receive help, and that there are sufficiently trained therapists and professionals to provide support.

The Youth Power Hour event itself raises awareness for best parenting practices and the serious issues associated with adolescent mental health and raises funds to accomplish the goals above.

In particular, donation dollars raised go to Lionheart Foundation which is dedicated to empowering youth of all genders to achieve strong mental health and well-being. Lionheart delivers its services through counsellors, focused on the unique mental health needs of youth and their families. Anxiety is the most significant emotional health issue treated, commonly manifesting itself in eating disorders, self harm, depression and suicidal adulation.

Lionheart Foundation provides (1) subsidized counselling for individuals and families who cannot afford to pay full cost of treatment, and (2) training of therapists, doctors, nurses and other specialists to increase capacity in our community.

Girl Power Hour 2021

This year’s 9th annual Girl Power Hour was held on November 4, 2021. The topic was Kids, Covid & the New Abnormal . The video on our webpage contains the essential therapeutic content from that event, focusing solely on valuable insights with practical tools for those facing the unique challenge of raising children during a pandemic.

Learn why anxiety cases are so much higher, which age groups have been impacted the most, what parents should be watching for, and what we can do to help our youth cope as the pandemic continues.

Check out the dropdown box on this webpage entitled ‘Resources’ for parenting advice from the same Lionheart Therapists and their recommended reading lists. Over the years Girl Power Hour annual events have raised over $3 million in support of anxiety-based mental health for kids and adolescents and to help build stronger families in our community. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for learnings throughout the year.

Videos from Spring 2022:

Anxiety Amping for Kids Post Covid – June 2022 (35 min)

Technology Use and Misuse through Covid – June 2022 (11 min)


2022 Sponsors


EXCLAMATION FRIENDS – $10,000 to $19,999

VOICE FRIENDS – $5,000 to $9,999

POWER FRIENDS – $2,500 to $4,999

Check out the Resources tab for parenting advice from Lionheart Therapists and recommended readings.


“The panel, the speakers, everyone up there had something worthwhile to say and all of them clearly cared deeply about the cause. I can’t wait to sit down with my wife tonight to talk about our kids and how important these days are in their development.”

A Father

“It was an inspiring hour to say the least, creating a wide open heart and a face full of tears, not to mention lasting knowledge on how to tackle real-life home situations (which I already used last night!)……The panel was amazing, and the speakers, well…I’m speechless. It was a powerful event, and we all appreciate everything the Foundation does, and all it has done for us”

A Mother

“I have 13 & 16 year old granddaughters and just attending the Girl Power Hour has opened my eyes and led to me being much more proactive & engaged in spending quality time with my girls.”

A Grandmother